Farrow & Ball were founded in 1946 by two colleagues, John Farrow and Richard Ball. The Company has developed and expanded since then producing a range of traditional paints and wallpapers in keeping with the original aims of the founders.

The Company has worked closely with the National Trust in the past 20 years and this has influenced the colours and type of paint developed by the Company.

Environmental issues have always been important, only natural pigments and traditional practices were used in the paints right from the start and in 2010 all the paints were changed to water based to protect the environment.

Although Farrow & Ball consider themselves to be a traditional Company with many traditional core values they pride themselves of keeping in touch with current trends. The Company website is a good place to start if you are planning on decorating your home and need some inspiration. If you need a decorator in Epsom who uses Farrow & Ball products call Bridgewood Decorators on 0208 3377012.

Spring and summer are traditionally the time when we feel like changing our surroundings and want to improve or redecorate them. The days are lighter for longer and this shows up all kinds of problems that we would probably rather it didn’t!


If you have spent the winter months dreaming of warmer brighter days now would be the perfect time to take steps to change your living space to reflect your mood.


One popular way to achieve this is to employ a specialist Decorator in Sutton to help you realize your vision. It can be tempting to opt for bland and neutral colours but by engaging a specialist they will be able to give you the benefit of their vast experience and perhaps suggest colour combinations that you would not have previously considered.


Painting the outside of your house has its own unique requirements and can be more of a challenge. Unless you have the right equipment and are happy working at heights it is advisable to use someone experienced in painting and decorating in Epsom.  Not only will they do all the hard work for you they have the skills, equipment and specialist knowledge to deliver a first class job.